A Woman for today ahead of her time

Gwerful Mechain was a fiery feminist way ahead of her time, a devout Christian and a poet. Not only was she a popular bard at a time when only men could be poets, she took on on the poets of her day and out did them with the power and beauty of her verse, challenged the arrogance and cruelty of men, and denounced the objectification and subjugation of women. And she wrote beautiful Welsh poetry in praise of female sexuality long before Mary Wollstonecraft or Germain Greer thought to challenge sexism for she lived in the 15th Century! For that, and her reputation as the 'Poet of the Vagina' her work, what remains of it, has until recently been hidden in museums. 

Don't let that put you off. Her poems are as relevant today and could have been written with Sarah Everard or porn in parliament in mind and they are as lucid, funny, and as modern as anything written by a poet in 2022. 

A woman ahead or her time and ours

Carys Eleri is a Welsh actor, singer, songwriter, broadcaster, comedian and author. Her film credits include the recently released 'Save the Cinema' (2022) and the Kevin Allen production of 'Under Milk Wood' starring alongside Rhys Ifans. She was nominated for a BAFTA for her role in the TV series 'Parch', her Radio 4 presentation of Gwerful Mechain is nominated for the prestigious Prix Marulić international radio award and this one-woman show and her late-night karaoke with Luke Wright, Nick Revel and Martin Rowson, has been a hit of the Laugharne Weekend festival for the past two years. This show will be the best thing you'll see this year!